Thursday, September 23, 2010

Asian Invasion

While checking my mailbox in the lobby last night, I overheard the following conversation take place between four or so young men as they were coming off the elevator. Judging by their voices and the overall content of their dialogue, I'd guess they were in their mid-2o's.

~Lots of laughter~

Well, If I am going to cheat on my girlfriend, you totally have to cheat on yours.

Of course I'll be cheating on her!

Yeah, we already established we are ALL cheating on our girlfriends.

What girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend?

Haha, there ya go! There. you. go.

No, really. I already broke up with her just because we are going on this trip.


~More laughter~

What happens in Tokyo, stays in Tokyo!!!

I didn't have the pleasure of seeing these boneheads face-to-face because I was slightly hidden around the corner in the mailroom alcove, so I am not even sure if they were Asian or not. But I did catch a glimpse of their backsides as they exited the building and they were tall-ish, each wearing a suit. Which leads me to believe they were just a bunch of sleazy businessmen. (All you need to find a sleazy businessman in this town is a pair of boobs.)

I wonder if this conversation would have taken place had they seen a young girl in a sundress with her charming puppy dog on a leash. And how would their girlfriends have reacted had they heard this uncouth banter?

They really sounded like such tools.

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